Oregon Medical Marijuana Patient Laws

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How much medical marijuana can I posses at anyone time?
An Oregon medical marijuana patient cannot posses more that 24 ounces of useable marijuana at any time. While the grower and caregiver also have these limits, it is a collective limit, meaning that if you, your grower and caregiver are in one car, the total you 3 can posses is 24 ounces (not 24 ounces times 3 people).

Can I be my own caregiver and grower?
Yes, you can. You can put your information on the application form and become your own grower. It is always wise to have a designated caregiver that can transport your medicine and posses up to 1.5 lbs.

Where can I find medical marijuana to buy?
There are 3 ways to obtain your medical marijuana.
∗Get extra medicine from other patients
∗Marijuana dispensaries
∗Grow it yourself

What are medical marijuana cooperatives?
A medical marijuana cooperative is similar to any other cooperative like grocery stores. The general set up is based off reimbursements, where growers will give you their extra medicine in exchange payment consisting of the direct costs it took to grow the medicine. These costs include the electricity bills, nutrients, bulbs, etc. but it cannot include labor.

What are the federal laws in regards to state medical marijuana programs?
In the federal governments eyes, medical marijuana is still illegal. Federal law states that marijuana is an illegal drug and cannot be consumed for any reason. It is also important to know that Federal law trumps state law in any instance. President Barrack Obama however, sent a letter to the DEA and state prosecutors, requesting that medical marijuana users should not be targeted. It is your job to weigh the pros and cons of medical marijuana use and decide if it is the right fit for you. Link and or copy of the memo

Where can I smoke marijuana?
You can legally smoke marijuana in any private location. The only law states that you cannot use medical marijuana in public, ie, parks, schools, bus stops, etc. You will want to be aware of any general smoking rules, if for example you are renting.

What are the different ways I can use medical marijuana?

Can I sell my extra medical marijuana?
For no reason can you ever sell any of your medical marijuana. You can give it away and be reimbursed for your growing cost (electricity, nutrients, lights, etc.) but not labor.