Oregon Medical Marijuana Vs. Recreational Marijuana

While recreational marijuana use has been legalized in Oregon, the Medical Program is alive and well. There are a few key distinctions between the two programs that can help you decide what's best for you.

In light of the current political shift, we are recommending all patients using marijuana medicinally to renew their medical cards. The new Trump pick for United States Attorney Gen., Jeff Sessions, has been quoted saying, "good people don't smoke marijuana". Medical marijuana card holders have access and protection well above "recreational" user.
(CNN: Sessions suggests Trump admin could stamp out legal pot)

Medical Marijuana
Taxation: 0%
Possession limit (public): 24 ounces
Possession limit (private): 24 ounces
Growing limit: 6 flowering plants, unlimited vegetative plants

Medical Grade product availability:
Flower: 24 oz
Edibles: 100mg total
Concentrates: 4000mg
Tinctures: 4000mg
Capsules: 100 per capsule, 4000mg total
Oregon.gov: Medical Grade Product Limits

Recreational marijuana
Taxation: 20%
Possession limit (public): 1 ounces
Possession limit (private): 8 ounces
Growing limit: 4 cumulative plants (flowering or vegetative)

Recreational product availability:
Flower: 7 grams
Edibles: 50mg total
Concentrates: 1000mg total
Tinctures: 1000mg total
Capsules: 10mg per capsule, 100mg total
Oregon.gov: Recreational Product Limits