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Please note that our Pendleton clinic is currently unavailable for scheduling. However, our Portland clinic is seeing our Pendleton patients. We apologize for any inconvenience!

Welcome to our Medical Marijuana Clinic in Pendleton! We have been providing medical marijuana doctors referrals to patients for over 3 years. With a simple online application, we can see if you currently qualify for the Oregon medical marijuana program. Once your application has been verified, you can schedule an appointment with our top marijuana clinic in Pendleton. Feel free to browse around our site and begin the application process whenever you’re ready.

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Once your application is submitted, our certified medical marijuana doctor will review your application and determine your eligibility within 48 hours. We will call you with your results and to schedule your appointment at our closet marijuana clinic.

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Our medical marijuana doctors have given out recommendations to patients in Pendleton since medical marijuana was permitted in Oregon back in 1998. We have a full staff or nurses and doctors to help you through the process of getting your marijuana card in Pendleton. With a quick online application we can determine your eligibility and connect you with the appropriate resources. If your ready to get your medical marijuana referral in Pendleton, simply click the link above to begin.

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Medical Marijuana Evaluations in Pendelton, OR

"After suffering from some head trauma from a car accident off of Old Oregon Trial Highway, back in 2000, I have had chronic headaches ever since. I received every test possible and tried many different medications to solve my pain issues. With no success, I almost began to give up. Randomly, one of my friends had mentioned that I might try medical marijuana to treat my chronic pain and I figured it couldn’t hurt. I didn’t know much about getting my Oregon medical marijuana card in Pendleton, but it was actually pretty easy. After visiting the cannabis doctor, he provided me with my prescription and paperwork for the Department of Health Services. Later that afternoon I paid my fees and walked away with my card. If you’re looking for a medical marijuana physician in Pendleton, look no further." Manny-Pendleton, Oregon

"I was suffering from uncontrollable muscle spasms and needed an alternative way to treat my condition. I went in search for the best cannabis clinic in Pendleton and was surprised to find one in my own city. I immediately filled out the application online and scheduled a time to see the local marijuana doctor in Pendleton. He was great, so knowledgeable about how to use cannabis medically and about the laws and regulations regarding applying for my card after he gave me my recommendation. I now use my Oregon medical marijuana card to medicate my muscle spasms and this site was an easy stepping stone in getting me healthier!" Nick-Pendelton, Oregon

"When my HIV started getting out of hand and regular medicines were not helping I researched online alternative treatments. I found that Medical Marijuana could curb my symptoms and help me live much more comfortably. So when I began to research if there was a Medical Marijuana program in my home state of Oregon I found this site. They had everything I needed and even had a clinic in my city of Pendleton. I applied online and was contacted immediately and was then scheduled to come in and see the doctor for my condition. I now have my OMMP card and can get medicine legally and enjoy a much more comfortable life because of it!" Kim-Pendleton, Oregon

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