How to get an Oregon Medical Marijuana Card

1Apply Below

Complete the application below, you will then be directed to a medical records release form, this important step will allow us to start working on your application.

2Physician Review

Once your deposit is made and your appointment set, your records will go into an advanced review with our physician to determine your eligibility.

3Get Your Card

Attend your scheduled appointment for the completion of your state application, then simply mail the application to the state and your card will be mailed to you.

Step 1. You must first qualify for the basic legal requirements to get your card
•Must be a US citizen
•Must have a valid ID
•Must have no drug related felonies
•Must be 18 or older, unless you have a parents permission

Step 2. Secondly, you must have proof of qualifying aliment requires medical marijuana for treatment
•Have any of the qualifying aliments
•Have medical records proving diagnoses and treatment of your condition
•Have 2 doctor's visits within 1 year and 1 initial visit anytime in your past
•Have a medical record review and apply for your card online
•Schedule Doctor's visit to obtain doctor's medical marijuana recommendation

Step 3. Lastly, need to complete the final paper work and filing with Oregon State
•File state fees and register with the Oregon Department of Human Services
•Designate a Caregiver (person responsible for your care and marijuana handling)
•Designate a Grower & grow location (you can also be your own grower)

Step 4.Once you obtain your card you must be familiar with all of your rights and resources
•Understand all of the medical marijuana program laws and regulations
•Find an affordable & reliable grow supply store
•Find a trusted organic marijuana dispensary or collective
•Find the best medicine to solve all your pain issues

Start Here: Apply for your card!

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Basic Qualifications
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Qualifying Medical Condition
Must have been diagnosed by an MD with corresponding medical records (REQUIRED).
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