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Welcome to our Medical Marijuana Clinic in Salem! We have been providing medical marijuana referrals to Salem patients for over 12 years. With a simple online application we can see if you are currently qualified for a medical marijuana card. Once your application has been verified, we will schedule an appointment with our physician.We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get your card!

To begin the application process, apply for your card here! For any questions, please call 503-406-3003. Thank you!

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Step 1. Complete the application below, you will then be directed to a medical records release form, this important step will allow us to process your application.

Step 2. Once your deposit is made and your appointment set, your records will go into an advanced review with our physician.

Step 3. Attend your scheduled appointment for the completion of your state application, then simply mail the application to the state.

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Our medical marijuana physicians have given out recommendations to patients in Salem since medical marijuana was permitted in Oregon back in 1998. We have a full staff of nurses and doctors to help you through the process of getting your marijuana card in Salem. With a quick online application we can determine your eligibility and connect you with the appropriate resources. If your ready to get your medical marijuana referral in Salem, apply online here!

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“I have been in horrible pain after getting in a bad car accident on Commercial St. in NE Salem last year. My primary care doctor only wanted to give me narcotic prescription pills and I was beginning to feel like zombie and less like myself. When my cousin recommended medical marijuana I thought I would give it a try, and the results were amazing! I could sleep at night and function much better during the day. After I took the survey online they helped me get everything I needed for my card. After getting approved by a medical marijuana doctor in North Salem had my OMMP card within a day. Thanks a lot for all your help.” -Kevin Salem, Oregon

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“I was surprised how easy it was to get my medical marijuana card in Salem through! I dislocated my shoulder while hiking Saddle Mountain in 2009 and it left me with constant pain and irritation. When my wife, who is a nurse, recommended using alternative medicine for the pain I researched medical marijuana physicians in Salem, OR and this site was the first one I found. The step-by-step qualification process was very simple and even informed me of all the documents I needed before seeing their doctor. After meeting with a medical marijuana doctor in North Salem I had everything I needed to go to the Oregon Department of Human Services downtown to get my card. When I submitted my paperwork, it was official. I can now use organic medicine to solve my pain issues. I feel like a changed man”
-Tom Salem, Oregon

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“Before I started using marijuana for medical treatment I would lay in bed all day and suffer from constant pain. I wanted to give up but my friends and family encouraged me to keep looking for solutions until something worked. One morning I was listening to KRKT and heard an inspiring story of how medical marijuana helped a woman regain her life back through pain management and I thought I would give it a shot. I felt a little weird about using medical marijuana and had no information about getting an OMMP card in Salem. My cousin went online and found The site provided me with very helpful information and filling out the form was easy, I was even contacted that day! I already kept a large file of my medical records, so getting my card was relatively easy. If you think medical marijuana might be right for you, don’t hesitate get your card!” -Brandon Salem, Oregon

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"My father had been suffering from glaucoma for over 10 years and could never find anything that really helped. I had heard that medical marijuana was a good treatment for glaucoma but I knew my dad was going to take some convincing. He is a very traditional type guy and thinks of marijuana as a drug, he’s never really been open to any forms of alternative medicines. One day my mother and I even had an intervention and told him he should really give it a try, but it wasn’t until after one of his co-workers had been using it that he became open to the idea. We promptly met with a marijuana doctor in Salem, close to our house in Lancaster, and discussed our options. After brainstorming with the medical marijuana doctor about the best health care plan for my dad, he liked the idea and got his recommendation that day. We went over to the Department of Human Service’s office right before it closed at 5 and turned in our paperwork. He got his temporary card that day, and medicine that night. My dad is now recommending cannabis cards to his friends and always tells them about this site!." -Anonymous Salem, OR

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How to get an OMMP card in Salem, Oregon?

To apply for an OMMP card, you need to have been diagnosed with one of the state approved qualifying conditions. These conditions include, severe pain, severe nausea, severe muscle spasms, PTSD, MS, Seizure disorders, cancer, Alzheimer’s, glaucoma, HIV / AIDS, and etc. unfortunately, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and ADHD, are NOT qualifying conditions. If you do not have any of the state approved conditions, please DO NOT apply for a medical card.

If you have been diagnosed by an MD or DO with a qualifying condition, you must have scene a physician within 1 year of your application date. It is important to show that your condition is still active and that you are seeking treatment to mitigate the symptoms. Once we have requested your medical records that explain your current diagnosis and treatment plan, we can schedule an appointment to be evaluated by our physician in Salem.

After you see our physician, you will be qualified to join the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. Call our Salem OMMP Clinic at 503-406-3003 to schedule an appointment.

OMMP Card Application

How much does it cost to get an OMMP card?

The cost to get a medical marijuana card is comprised of 2 parts, the clinic visit and state application fee.

OMMP Evaluation Fee
Our clinic visit is $180 which includes, medical record retrieval, medical record review, physical exam, cannabis consultation, attending physician statement, state application forms, and support.


OMMP State Application Fee

Once our physician approves you to obtain a medical card, you then apply through the state of Oregon. This is a simple one page form that is mailed in with your OMMC Clinic verification. The state fees are as followed:

Standard fee: $200
Patient on Oregon Health Plant: $50
Patient on SNAP program: $60

Where to get a medical marijuana card in Salem, OR?

Apply online and then schedule an appointment at our OMMP Clinic in Salem. 2250 Commercial Street NE Salem, Oregon. Phone: 503-406-3003

By appointment ONLY! Please DO NOT visit our office without a scheduled appointment, we WILL NOT be available. Thank you!