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***Please note that our Roseburg clinic is currently unavailable for scheduling. However, our Eugene clinic is seeing our Roseburg patients. We apologize for any inconvenience!

Welcome to our Medical Marijuana Clinic in Roseburg! We have been providing medical marijuana doctors referrals to patients for over 2 years. With a simple online application, we can see if you currently qualify for the Oregon medical marijuana program (OMMP). Once your application has been verified, you can schedule an appointment with our top marijuana Doctor in Roseburg. Feel free to browse around our site and whenever you’re ready, apply for your card here!

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Our medical marijuana physicians have given out recommendations to patients in Roseburg since medical marijuana was permitted in Oregon back in 1998. We have a full staff of nurses and doctors to help you through the process of getting your marijuana card in Roseburg. With a quick online application we can determine your eligibility and connect you with the appropriate resources. If your ready to get your medical marijuana referral in Roseburg, apply online here!

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“When my children were very young, I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. My mother also had Epilepsy and so I’ve had to deal with it my entire life. Most anti-seizure treatments require taking prescription pills and honestly they did more harm than good. My medications were giving me horrible side effects so I started looking at all the different options that were available to me. Believe it or not, my mother- in- law suggested I try medicinal marijuana to help. To my surprise not only did it help with my seizures, but I also felt like a new person. I can truly say that medical marijuana has changed my life. I can’t thank this site enough for connecting me with a marijuana doctor in Roseburg. You are the best!”
-Stacey Roseburg, Oregon

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“I think it’s really unfortunate that people give medical marijuana a bad name by abusing it. Honestly, it really should be legal for everyone, but we do have to follow the government laws and regulations if we are going to live here. I have suffered from cachexia for many years and never found any good long- term solutions. I used to smoke marijuana back in my teens, but for completely different reasons. I knew how harmless it was and when I heard that it had a positive impact on my cachexia symptoms, I thought it might be a good way to go. I asked my friends, but no one knew where to go or what to do to get the medical cannabis card. With a quick Google search, I found Oregon Medical Marijuana Cards online, and within a matter of minutes I found so much information about it. It turns out that I already qualified for it and I just needed to meet with the best marijuana doctor in Roseburg to get my OMMP card recommendation. Thanks again for all your help!"
-Anna Roseburg, Oregon

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"I thought getting a medical marijuana card might be a good idea so I started doing some research online. When I found Oregon medical marijuana cards I was happy to see that they had everything I needed to know right on their website. I filled out the online form and talked to a marijuana physician within a couple of days. They gave me a medical release form so that I could get my medical records faxed over to their clinic. After reviewing all of my information they even helped me fill out the application! Once I had everything together and the doctor gave me his marijuana prescription referral, I had my card within hours. I would definitely go to this Roseburg marijuana doctor again." - Jared Roseburg, Oregon

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“Getting my medical marijuana card in Roseburg, Oregon was actually much less complicated than I had imagined. I contacted the marijuana doctor in Roseburg and he helped me fill out my Oregon Medical Marijuana Program application. After reviewing my records and discussing my treatment options, we decided it was a good idea and I started my chronic pain treatment later that day. It was so nice of you to fill out the OMMP card application online and the doctors were really fast to get back. I feel so lucky to have somebody on my side and help me through the whole process. Thank you!” -Jake Roseburg, Oregon

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