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***Please note that our Medford clinic is currently unavailable for scheduling. However, our Eugene clinic is seeing our Medford patients. We apologize for any inconvenience!

Welcome to our Medical Marijuana Clinic in Medford! We would be happy to help you through the process of obtaining your medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation in Medford. By simply filling out the application below, we can review your medical history to see if qualify for an OMMP card. We will call you with your results and to schedule your appointment with our medical marijuana Doctor. Whenever youre ready, apply for your card here!

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Step 1. See if you qualify for medical marijuana with a quick online application.

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Our medical marijuana physicians have given out recommendations to patients in Medford since medical marijuana was permitted in Oregon back in 1998. We have a full staff of nurses and doctors to help you through the process of getting your marijuana card in Medford. With a quick online application we can determine your eligibility and connect you with the appropriate resources. If your ready to get your medical marijuana referral in Medford, apply online here!

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“I helped my son fill out all of the paperwork and get started on his application process to get his medical marijuana card in Medford, Oregon. I knew that he had been using marijuana for many years for medical purposes. Since he was just a toddler, he had struggled with severe nausea. He underwent intestinal track surgery in his teens, which left him with constant stomachaches and feelings of uneasiness. The only thing that really helped him eat and function properly was smoking marijuana. He fought me for a long time to get legal, but after getting a ticket from the police he knew it was time. We filled out the application online, met with their amazing cannabis doctor in Medford, and got the card quick and easy. Thanks a ton!” -Megan Medford, Oregon

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“I don’t usually leave testimonials for websites, but I thought it was my duty to share my experience with everyone, especially those suffering from the same issue of chronic pain that I deal with. Very simply put I needed to get my medical marijuana card in Medford for some time but I was too busy with work and family. I tried to go to a marijuana clinic in Medford a couple months ago, but I could tell that they didn’t have their stuff together. I pretty much gave up on the whole process until my friend recommended this site. I am so thankful for how easy it was to get my OMMP card. If you follow the steps on the website and truly need your card, you will not have any problems.” -Marsha Medford, Oregon

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“Well it’s official, I’m legit! My mom would be so proud haha. I suffered from back spasms for many years before I found something that actually helped. My doctor recommended the same treatments time and time again even though I told him they didn’t really work for me. When I went to the clinic that specializes in medical marijuana in Medford they had a completely different outlook. They walked me through options for nontraditional medical treatments and marijuana was definitely the best fit for me. I took my time and did some experiments before I committed to getting my OMMP card. Overall, it is without a doubt the best treatment for back spasms that I have found. I would definitely recommend giving it a shot!” -Ben Medford, Oregon

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"I had a tumor removed from my lower intestines, and it left me with permanent nerve damage after the operation. I had been taking prescription pain pills for over 5 years but I really didn’t like them, I have always been more comfortable with alternative medicine and treatments. When a friend recommended possibly using medical marijuana to treat my severe nerve pain, I thought I would give it a try. The cannabis doctor in Medford was very helpful and put all my paperwork together for my application. His referral process was great and I learned a lot. I now know how to safely and correctly medicate myself with clean homegrown organic medical marijuana and was able to stay local at a cannabis clinic in Medford. My life has been so much better." -Carry Medford, Oregon

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