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Welcome to our Medical Marijuana Clinic in Eugene! If you are interested in obtaining your medical marijuana card in Eugene, then you have came to the right place. We specialize in helping patients with the complete process of getting your OMMP card. There are certain steps and requirements you need to meet in order to become a valid patient. We have transformed this difficult process into a few simple steps. To begin, fill out our online application here.

For any questions, please call 541-705-2028. Thank you!

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Step 1. Determine if you are eligible to obtain a Medical Marijuana Card.

Step 2. Our doctor will review your application and schedule a clinic appointment.

Step 3. We will provide you with everything you need to get your card!

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Our medical marijuana physicians have given out recommendations to patients in Eugene since medical marijuana was permitted in Oregon back in 1998. We have a full staff or nurses and doctors to help you through the process of getting your marijuana card in Eugene. With a quick online application we can determine your eligibility and connect you with the appropriate resources. If your ready to get your medical marijuana referral in Eugene, apply online here!

Oregon Medical Marijuana Cards- OMMC Clinic LLC
Office Number: 541-705-2028
Fax Number: 541-705-2028 (Same as office #)
BY APPOINTMENT ONLY: 1065 Chambers St. Eugene, OR

The cost to see our Eugene OMMP physician will be $175 cash or $180 for credit card payments. Once we complete your application, you will also need to mail a check to the state of Oregon. This fee is $200 and is reduced to only $60 if you are on food stamps or $50 for Oregon Health Plan. If you are on SSI the filing fee is only $20.

Total Cost: $375
(Clinic visit $175 & OMMP Application $200)

OHP Total Cost: $225
(Clinic visit $175 & OMMP Application $50 w/ OHP Discount)

SNAP Total Cost: $235
(Clinic visit $175 & OMMP Application $60 w/ SNAP Discount)

SSI Total Cost: $195
(Clinic visit $175 & OMMP Application $20 w/ SSI Discount)

Grower Registration Fee $50

“I was completely shocked on how difficult it was to get your medical marijuana card in Eugene, Oregon. I recently moved up to Eugene to go to the University of Oregon and I have been a patient in California for many years. I went to the Eugene Department of Human Services but they weren't much help at all. In fact, they were rather rude. In California it's easy to get your card when you have seizures, but in Oregon it was turning into a much more difficult process. I almost gave up until I found this site, which helped me step- by- step through everything I needed to do. If you are looking to get a medical marijuana card in Eugene or talk with a cannabis doctor I wouldn't do it alone, use this site! Their clinic was right down the block from my house, near Ferry Street, and the staff was so great. Thanks a lot for all your help” -Sam Eugene, Oregon

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“I have been suffering from severe nausea for over 10 years. After I received surgery on my lower intestines my stomach has never been the same. Everywhere I went and everything I did was a struggle. Once I found out how well medical marijuana worked for my nausea I knew my life would be changed forever. Getting my card in Eugene was actually very simple. I filled out the form, got my medical records and set up an appointment. After I received the doctor’s referral from the best marijuana clinic in Eugene, I went straight to their clinic downtown and got my card. I'm so thankful to have somebody guiding me through the process, you are the best!” -Mickey Eugene, Oregon

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“I will l keep this short and simple. I usually don't give reviews for websites but this deserves a minute of my time. I have been dealing with chronic pain my entire life and have never been as happy as I should be. Once I got my OMMP card at the medical marijuana doctor’s clinic in Eugene, Oregon my life has changed. Now that I can handle my pain I see life differently. Words cannot describe how much you have helped me. Highly recommended!” -Maria Eugene, Oregon

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"It’s no surprise to me that medical marijuana is becoming so popular all across the nation. Other cultures have been using cannabis as treatments for all types of medical conditions for thousands of years. Finally, the negative propaganda is dying off and the truth is coming out. If you qualify for a medical marijuana card in Oregon, you definitely need to take advantage of your rights. I have been in the medical field for over 20 years and have never seen such a versatile and amazing plant for alternative medicine choices. It truly is a blessing from God. If you are ready to get your OMMP card I would highly recommend this cannabis clinic in Eugene, Oregon." -Anonymous Eugene, Oregon

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OR medical marijuana cards

Accordance with
OMMP regulations & guidelines

OMMP Card Application

Medical Marijuana Card Application Requirements

•Have any of the qualifying aliments (qualifying conditions.)
•Have medical records proving diagnoses and treatment of your condition
•Have 2 doctor's visits within 1 year and 1 initial visit anytime in your past
•Have a medical record review and apply for your card online
•Schedule Doctor's visit to obtain doctor's medical marijuana recommendation

•Complete the final paper work and filing with Oregon State
•File state fees and register with the Oregon Department of Human Services
•Designate a Caregiver (person responsible for your care and marijuana handling)
•Designate a Grower & grow location (you can also be your own grower)

Where to get an OMMP Card in Eugene, Oregon

Same Day Card Services

We are excited to offer same day card services! This means that once you leave our office and mail your application, you will be legal that day! Just keep copies of your application and certified mail receipt and you’re legal right then and there. While your temporary card protects you, you will need to wait for your permanent card to visit a dispensary!

How to get an OMMP Card in Eugene, Oregon

We have a crucial role in the application process to obtain a medical marijuana card in Oregon. Our medical marijuana doctors will certify you for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program by confirming your qualifying condition. To begin, we will help you obtain all your past diagnosing medical records and create your application to apply to the State of Oregon's Department of Health Authority. Once we confirm your eligibility, you will have no problem getting approved by the OMMP.

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