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***Please note that our Coos Bay clinic is currently unavailable for scheduling. However, our Eugene clinic is seeing our Coos Bay patients. We apologize for any inconvenience!

Welcome to our Medical Marijuana Clinic in Coos Bay! We have been providing medical marijuana referrals to patients for over 3 years. With a simple online application process, we can see if you are currently qualified for medical marijuana. Once your application has been verified, you can schedule an appointment with the top marijuana clinic in Coos Bay, Oregon. Feel free to browse our site and begin the application process whenever you’re ready. To begin, apply for your card here!

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Step 1. See if you qualify for medical marijuana with a quick online application.

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Our medical marijuana physicians have given out recommendations to patients in Coos Bay since medical marijuana was permitted in Oregon back in 1998. We have a full staff of nurses and doctors to help you through the process of getting your marijuana card in Coos Bay. With a quick online application we can determine your eligibility and connect you with the appropriate resources. If your ready to get your medical marijuana card in Coos Bay, simply apply online here!

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“After getting a really bad car accident on Highway 101 in North Coos Bay last year I have had chronic pain in my neck and shoulders. My primary care doctor only wanted to give me narcotic prescription pills, which made me out of it and grumpy around my family and friends. When my girlfriend recommended medical marijuana, I thought I would give it a try. The results were awesome! I could sleep the entire night and began to feel like my old self again. I took the survey online and they help me get together everything I needed. After getting approved by a marijuana doctor in Coos Bay, I had my OMMP card within a day. Thanks a lot for all your help.” -Jason Coos Bay, Oregon

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“I really didn’t know if getting my OMMP card in Coos Bay was going to be a good idea or not, so I did plenty of research to make sure it was the right option for me. After viewing multiple sources, I decided it was something I wanted to try and I signed up on this site. I went through the step-by-step qualification process and after seeing the medical marijuana doctor near my house in Bend, Oregon had everything I needed to go to the Oregon Department of Human Services. I even got a temporary card that day! I can now use organic medicine to solve all my pain issues. I have finally got back into surfing in the Pacific Ocean and I feel like a changed man!” -Ryan Coos Bay, Oregon

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“I had to quit my job at Southwestern Oregon Community college because my back pain was so bad. I wanted to give up but my friends encouraged me to keep looking for solutions until something works. I always felt weird about the medical marijuana movement but after my friend recommended it, I thought it was worth a shot. I started using it illegally but once I knew it was going to be a viable option, I knew I had to get legal. I kept all of my medical records so getting my card was very easy. If you think medical marijuana might be right for you, don’t hesitate, get your card.” -Stewart Coos Bay, Oregon

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"I have been looking forward to the day I got my medical marijuana card for years! It is the only medicine that helps me with my pain, and I’ve tried a lot. I planned to take a couple days off from work to get everything ready to get my card. Once I found this site I realized that it might be easier than I initially thought. They reviewed my records for free and I didn’t have to take any time off from work. Once everything was put together they scheduled my appointment with a medical marijuana doctor near East Marshfield. The doctor was very knowledgeable and explained the entire process to me. I left that day with my recommendation and after a quick stop at the Department of Human Services office, I had my temporary card in my hand. Don’t let prescription pills hold you back, be open to other forms of alternative medicine. If you need to go see a marijuana doctor I would go to this clinic." -Robin Coos Bay, Oregon

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