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Roseburg Oregon MM Info

All US states including Oregon share common law which unquestionably applies to the city of Roseburg, Oregon. Also known as the Douglas County, it is an administrative center with a population of more or less 20,000 inhabitants seating in the suburbs of Umpqua River. Despite its outback tranquil lands, issues and controversies have infiltrated its own natural backdrop. One of the hottest topics that up to now are still being contested by the State is the usage of marijuana. Marijuana by law is illegal in Oregon. You are not to possess a quantity nor cultivate, manufacture and/or deliver anywhere in the state. Selling or even storing any amount of such forbidden drug is somewhat prohibited and will therefore undergo due process. However, under certain standards Oregon has mandated a decree defying its usage which is known as the Medical Marijuana Act. Rosenburg, Oregon is part of this registry program under supervision of the Oregon Department of Human Service and Public Health Division.

In November of 1998, voters racked up the charts to procure the Medical Marijuana Act. It is stated in Section 2 that locals from Oregon who are suffering debilitating medical conditions are allowed to use small portions of marijuana to alleviate pain under reasonable restrictions. In Section 3, debilitating medical conditions are well defined. It is declared that Oregonians afflicted with medical conditions such as acquired immune deficiency syndrome, human immunodeficiency virus, cancer and glaucoma can be treated with marijuana concealed by a professional doctor. Section 4 and 7 explains proper documentation needed attesting the usage of marijuana for medical purposes. People who meet the said requirements must be holding a registry identification card issued by the government of Oregon. The ill person can either keep or designate a caregiver to possess and plant minute amounts of marijuana for therapeutic intentions only. The application of a registry identification card requires completion of documents duly signed by the attending physician. There are only few special doctors who can diagnose and take full responsibility for a person with a debilitating condition. He/she must be licensed under ORS chapter 677 and a practitioner of Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP). One of the most famous physicians in Roseberg, Oregon is Dr. Darryl George, specializing in Osteopathic medicine and has been appointed as Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee for the State of Oregon. He apparently qualifies patients to get a medical marijuana card. His clinic works only for patients compliant to the laws set by the Oregon State and provide medical marijuana evaluations. They don’t sell nor promote marijuana but only aid in acquiring a registry identification card. Dr. George requires one year of previous legal medical records and then after which educates patients on pain management, primary care and proper usage of marijuana. At all times in the state of Oregon a physician, caregiver and patient must carry a registry identification card. Under the ban of this law, there must not be any transaction involving monetary values. For this can be mistaken as prearrangement for buying and selling pot.

The Oregon state law delineates marijuana in any blended preparation of leaves, seeds, stems and flowers of the hemp plant called “Cannabis Sativa”. This plant can grow as high as 16 feet but normally heightens up to 3-8 feet in length. But within Roseburg Oregon, any of the patients, physician or caregiver can only grow less than six mature marijuana plants at one time and they cannot exceed 680 grams shared together. These weeds love to grow in humid places. Best of these plants are reputedly abundant along the coasts of Panama, Southeast Asia and Southern Mexico. They are classified accordingly to their habitats, the Panama Red is the strongest of all followed by the Vietnam Green and Acapulco gold. Oregon Marijuana has its roots on Latin America’s Acapulco gold. All of these classifications are broken down depending on their THC level.

THC known as Tetra Hydro Cannabinol is the chief pharmacological active substance found when male and female cannabis flowering plants reproduce via the process of budding. THC has been studied over the decades and has finally found a laboratory replica called Marinol. This is now the legally prescribed drug currently being used in Oregon to alleviate symptoms of AIDS, HIV, cancer and glaucoma. Marijuana counteracts the side effects of chemotherapy for cancer. Without a doubt, the natural component found in THC still works better than its synthetic version. Remember with flow of medical technology, the manufacture of advanced drugs is way too expensive. Rosenberg Oregon is just a simple town not as affluent and sophisticated as New York or any the other developed areas within United States. And with the economic crisis going on, not all will be able to afford professional treatment. The tendency would be that the majority of the population comprised by the underprivileged will devote effort to something cheaper. These are traditional practices sometimes called backyard treatments revived now as the science of Alternative Herbal Medicine. That is why the real marijuana plant is permitted to grow in Roseburg, Oregon. Not only is it easier to grow a plant but also cheaper rather than manufacture a second-rate drug in the laboratory.

The natural Tetra Hydro Cannabinol ingestion creates a powerful effect when smoked. Based on studies, certain components of the natural cannabis resin when eaten are destroyed by heat inside the body. Effects of marijuana can be divided into two kinds. There is what we call the subjective effect that pertains to what the patient feels and the objective effect as to what the examiner observes. After a number of inhalations, the subjective effects lead to a sense of mild euphoria to relaxed drifting. Honing appetite for food and drinks are apparently taking effect as the precipitate fades away then shortly leaving a desire to sleep. This is probably one of the main reasons why marijuana is classified as a downer or as a soft drug compared to opium derivatives. Based on objective effects, neurological and ECG examinations, marijuana intake shows a moderate increase in cortical functions and pulse rate. The eyes become red due to dilation of blood vessels. The consequences may be alarming, however marijuana is not addictive. Physical dependence does not develop over time and there are no major withdrawal symptoms when usage is discontinued. Addiction is primarily psychological. The “stepping stone theory” does not apply to these drugs therefore it is safe to legalize marijuana under controlled dosages for medical treatment purposes.

However, there are instances in Roseburg Oregon and in all other regions of the state that the usage of marijuana has been abused. There have been minor and major offenses and several arrests for the past couple of years for violating the Medical Marijuana Act of 1998. Such was a case in 1970 that up to now is still under investigation and pleading trial. It all began in began in Ore, Roseburg where ten Roseburg High School students who started growing pot and eventually developed into an operation of illegal smuggling of drugs all throughout the United States. These men in due course were found out to be members of an international drug syndicate and were arrested in September of 2005. Profits and assets of the allegedly case have been exposed. The prosecutors of federal state are continuously fighting over a million dollars to seize their properties manifested in luxury cars, house and lots, planes and yachts. So there goes a criminal history behind this case causing an alarm for the ruling classes.

Since then, Douglas County Sheriff and its authorities have been strictly looking after what may be so called a Mafia activity happening within the bounds of Roseburg, Oregon. They started raiding licensed medical marijuana clinics and dispensaries. Law enforcers have been in full swing apprehending and arresting localities even with those possessing a registry identification card. Recent news spread all over the web about three men in Roseburg, Oregon who were accused, embarrassed, detained and frightened by police authorities. One of them is even a native of Rosenberg who as per five southern Oregon police stated that smelled like pot at a convenience store. Police patrol cars arrive at that scene on a Sunday night as if there was a bank robbery, questioning these three people. Under litigation, it was found out that these three arrested victims were long term medical marijuana users and had just cut a marijuana plant before their travel then stopped at the store for some food. They even presented their medical marijuana card in front of the police which therefore was legal but were never pleased. The authorities finally realized that these three Roseberg passengers were knowledgeable of their civil rights and the case was dropped.

Douglas county officers must at least know when to draw the line between medical users and drug abusers. There are penalties of imprisonment and fines up to $250,000 for marijuana violators. So there is always a law that can serve as a guide and be followed by the citizens of Roseberg. Let no one be above it.

Roseburg sits at the heart of the Hundred Valleys, in Southwestern Oregon. It is bounded by Eugene on the south end and by the California border on the north end.

Roseburg is frequented by travelers for having perfectly calming seasons. Winters in the city do not preclude freezing and chilling zones but it is generally manageable and cool. Rainfall visits the city right as an entry to the Spring season. Warm and airy coolness can be felt right around the months of April and May, while summer takes its toll in July and August. Fall sends crispy winds and drizzling leaves to dances with the slow and soft blizzards of the wind.

There are famous galleries and museums located in Roseburg. When in the city visit the Historic Lane House to catch a glimpse of how the city became one of the safest areas and progressive places to live. Along with wonderful parks and camping grounds for hikers and campers to thrive on are natural resources comparable to the beauty found in France and Italy.

Roseburg has grown from a simple valley seat to a staggering and wealthy city of local industry and agriculture. From cattle ranching, innovative farmers have dramatically improved their production of prunes, melons, broccoli, grapes and similar specialty products that grow and thrive only in areas where the soil is rich and the climate is mild and moderately calm.

The mining industry took a great fortune digging through the vast resources of the city. Other business ventures in the line of canning, breweries, woodworking, furniture making and electronics have made the city economically active over the years. Roseburg is home to the craftiest industry man could ever think of to use upon their bare hands for livelihood.

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