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Medford Oregon Medical Marijuana Clinics

Medford, Oregon Medical Cannabis Doctors

Medford Oregon Medical Marijuana

Advocates in Oregon have helped a great deal in the legalization of marijuana in the state particularly in Medford. As a matter of fact, A Cannabis (Marijuana) Resource Center was opened in the downtown of Medford, Oregon.

Organizers of the Southern Oregon chapter for Marijuana Reform Laws said that the center which was opened lately will provide lots of benefits to all the residents and concerned individuals in Medford. In addition, advocacy and support coming from the center will also be provided to the people of Medford particularly those patients who are making use of medical marijuana to treat their certain health conditions. Medical marijuana providers will also benefit with the different advocacies and educational measures to be shared and imparted by the center.

The center which was opened will also provide a good deal of information and a conducive place for individuals to meet whenever they want to be in the right place wherein they can deal with their different concerns about medical marijuana. However, every citizen in Medford should be well informed that the center will never provide the individuals with the marijuana they need, medical or otherwise.

According to the executive director of the Southern Oregon NORML, they will absolutely forbid the use or transfer of marijuana considering the premises.

The Medford, Oregon Medical Marijuana Center was opened and introduced to the public and is now to be visited in its current address at 1109 N Riverside Avenue. This center is actually divided into two different sections.

The first section is open to the people and this section includes a room where visitors usually conduct their meetings. There are also designated rooms and offices for a doctor or a physician and a nurse which are considered as the only paid personnel in the center.

The work of the doctor or the physician is to conduct checkups, diagnosis, or evaluation of patients who may want to come and avail medical evaluation that will qualify him to become a legal medical marijuana user of the state. On the other hand, the registered nurse has the responsibility to coordinate the groups that will come in the center; he or she will also be the one to give necessary advice and assistance with the patient’s medical records; he or she will also be the one to assist the medical marijuana card holders, and other services needed by a patient.

The second section of the Medical Marijuana Center, just behind the green door is strictly for official medical marijuana card holder only. If it is said to be “strictly” then this simply means that there is no way other people can come into that place other than the card holders themselves. This room is just like a usual room with computers and internet connection but this room simply serves as the lounge and storage room of the medical marijuana card holder.

So who are allowed to enter the Medford, Oregon Medical Marijuana Center? Only those who are 18 years old and above will be legally accepted to enter the center; if in case the person who wishes to enter the center is below 18 then he or she should be approved or supervised by the OMMP guidelines and rules.

One of the medical marijuana cardholders of Medford, Oregon has exclaimed that kids are not allowed to make use of marijuana which is similarly important to the fact that they should not make use of alcohol. In fact, many of the marijuana card holders in Medford, Oregon are professionals and are graduates of highly respected universities.

According to a police officer, there are actually many jurisdictions in the state that have similar centers for medical marijuana. They also said that as long as the people are not committing crimes, this will not make them to be much concerned about the use of medical marijuana in a given jurisdiction.

So how is the center being supported and how is the staff being paid? In most cases like Medford, Oregon Medical Marijuana Center, the paid staff and the center itself are being supported and financed by donations, membership dues that usually come from the other communities. As a matter of fact, the Medford center currently maintains and supports forty to fifty volunteers.

In totality, the Medford Oregon Medical Marijuana Clinic has currently enlisted 20, 971 medical marijuana users or cardholders. The County of Jackson was ranked as the third place with total cardholders of 1,965. Second and first place respectively are Multnomah and Lane counties. These facts and figures came from the official website of the Medford Oregon Medical Marijuana Center.

According to one of the most reliable people of the center expressed that the focal point of the center is the legislation of marijuana and the establishment of industry standards for farmers who are propagating and cultivating medical marijuana.

The center also aims to provide a clear and helpful set of guidelines for the taxation, safety, and quality of medical marijuana propagation sites. This simply means that the site where the medical marijuana is planted and propagated is safe and free from any types of destruction or jeopardy. If the plants have been guarded then this will ensure the high quality of marijuana to be produced for medical purposes.

On the other hand, many people behind the center have expressed their concern about marijuana farming. They believe that marijuana doesn’t pay for its tax in the government and this is something that makes the people behind the center to be insecure. However, they have mentioned that the farming and cultivation of marijuana should be treated equally with those farm crops that are usually taxed. People behind the center exclaimed that they also want to be treated like any other farms out there.

If anyone feels interested to join in the Medford medical marijuana center then they can visit the center which is open Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 9 PM. If there are certain questions that anyone wants to be answered then he should feel free to call their number at 550-1656.

The NORML office of the Southern Oregon is currently located in the historic and beautiful downtown of Medford. Medford is actually considered as the very first medical marijuana center to be opened in the district of Southern Oregon.

The center is currently run and managed by more than forty volunteers and paid staff and they are commonly supported through dues and donations. Anyone is invited to visit the center facilities and sign up for their classes today.

Medical Marijuana of Medford, Oregon Mission and Statement

To provide precise and accurate information and advocacies for the responsible use of medical marijuana with the emphasis to establish medical marijuana as something safe, lawful, and legitimate type of medical treatment. The center believes in the “pay it forward” philosophy every time they are directly contributing to the community in a compassionate and positive way.

Federal Marijuana Laws

There are actually certain types of laws which are being imposed in the state and this accounts to the use and possession of marijuana by a person. So if anyone is found to be possessing, cultivating, and using marijuana without the fact that they are using it for medical reasons, and that the amount of marijuana has exceeded the normal amount which is one ounce per person then he will be subjected for a criminal offense.

Under the federal law, marijuana is considered as something similar to heroin and cocaine. Under the CSA, cannabis or marijuana is considered as schedule one drug which means that it is a kind of addicting drug that usually comes with less or no value at all. So it is no surprising to note that there are many times that you would see a doctor who chooses not to recommend medical marijuana as a form of treatment to his patients.

However, the Drug enforcement Administration or DEA has taken a great interest on medical marijuana patients, caregivers, and in the cultivation, propagation, and distribution of medical marijuana to the patients of the state. The truth is that there were many people who were arrested and that many of their properties have been seized by the authorities and many of these people are facing different criminal charges that are associated with their use, cultivation, or distribution of medical marijuana.

As of today, federal laws on medical marijuana are quite serious and people who are found guilty are punished steeply. The truth is that the federal law still recognizes marijuana as something illegal and that it has nothing to give to people except zero benefits and addiction only.

However, if a patient has been arrested and that he is currently making use of medical marijuana to treat his health condition then he can make use a medical marijuana defense in case he is referred to the authorities of the state.

As of now, many states of the US have already recognized the medical value of medical marijuana and anyone who hails from Oregon is simply lucky because there is a good number of medical marijuana centers scattered in the state.

Medford is a city found in Jackson County in the state of Oregon. It has been regarded as the professional and retail trade center connecting eight counties in both Southern Oregon and Northern California. Medford is the sister city of Alba, Italy.

Medford is found between the Cascade Range and the Siskiyou Mountains, more specifically right in the Rogue Valley. The location of the city has made it possible to avoid rains and its climate temperately warmer than those cities found in the Willamette Valley. Summer is relatively warm while winter occasions moderate snowfall. The shadowy effect of the ranges enclosing the valley where it is located make it possible for Medford to be protected and shed from extreme heat and freezing cold.

Medford is known to be the center for most health care professionals. Although in the not so distant past, the city has been known in agriculture for producing high quality yields of pears and peaches, grapes and even timber products. The city is also home to some famous and prominent business ventures in the United States, namely: Lithia Motors, the 8th largest auto retailer listed in the country, Benchmark Maps, the producer and publisher of atlas and tourist maps in 10 major states and similar other industries.

Medford is also known for its transportation links on both land and air. The Rogue Valley International –Medford Airport has been regarded the third busiest Airport in the Oregon State. The transportation industry in the Greater Medford area has been known to stretch the Oregon state to other major highways and has linked several cities and counties along the construction and setup.

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