Oregon Medical Marijuana Cards

Columbia Gorge Alternative Medicine

  • Clinic name:Columbia Gorge Alternative Medicine
  • Locations:Hood River, Oregon
  • Address:1302 A St, Hood River, OR 97031
  • Hours of operations: 10am-4pm
  • Other services: Medical marijuana referrals only
  • Years in operation:6
  • Number of marijuana doctors on staff:1
  • Number of marijuana card recommendations: 70+
  • Number of medical assistants:4
  • Types of medical marijuana treatments: Cachexia, Cancer, Glaucoma, HIV+/AIDS, Nausea, Severe Pain, Seizures, including but not limited to epilepsy, and Persistent muscle spasms, including but not limited to those caused by Multiple Sclerosis.

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  • Marijuana clinic reviews:"After becoming more health conscious last year, I decided it was time to start using less prescription pills. A work accident 5 years ago left me with chronic back pain that I deal with every day. I realize that life was too short and I couldn’t rely on description pills to numb the pain in my personality every day. On one of my monthly checkups a doctor mentioned looking into medical marijuana and said it might be a good option for me. I looked into it a little further and had a meeting with a marijuana physician to get more info. He told me all about the different types of medicines are available and the different ways you can use it. I could never smoke anything but using tinctures and cooking with butter seemed like a great alternative. I am down to only taking a couple pills a day and I’m feeling better than ever. I must say getting my Oregon medical marijuana card has helped me have a more happy and enjoyable life. I even started growing my own organic medicine and the results have been phenomenal."