Oregon Medical Marijuana Cards

Ashland Alternative Health Clinic

  • Clinic name: Ashland Alternative Health
  • Location: Ashland, Oregon
  • Address: 180 Clear Creek #103 Ashland OR 97520
  • Hours of operations: 9am-5pm
  • Other services: Medical marijuana referrals only
  • Years in operation: 2
  • Number of doctors on staff: 2
  • Number of card recommendations: 100+
  • Number of medical assistants: 4
  • Types of medical marijuana treatments: Cachexia, Cancer, Glaucoma, HIV+/AIDS, Nausea, Severe Pain, Seizures, including but not limited to epilepsy, and Persistent muscle spasms, including but not limited to those caused by Multiple Sclerosis.

  • medical marijuana clinic

  • Marijuana clinic reviews: After watching my mom go through radiation and chemotherapy, I didn’t know if she would ever be the same again. It was such a traumatic and draining process that would take the life out of her everyday. She couldn’t eat, sleep, were pretty much do anything. After losing a lot of weight, her primary care doc suggested that she might look into using medical marijuana. At first we were all a little skeptical about the idea because we didn’t know much about it. After doing some research and talking to the marijuana Doctor it actually seemed like it might be a great thing for my mom. It seems like he could help her gain some weight, eat better, and maybe help find her depression. We met with the cannabis Doctor and he explained how the Oregon medical marijuana program worked, and everything we needed to do to get the card. We requested all of the medical records and paperwork that were necessary for the marijuana card application. After a quick trip to the DHS office she had her temporary card. No matter what it’s going be very difficult for her to recover from the cancer treatments, but I must say medical marijuana has helped her in many ways. There is no end-all solution to get healthy and live a better life, but getting your medical marijuana card can definitely help you along the way.