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Oregon Medical Marijuana Program

How to obtain a medical marijuana card in Oregon?

The state has issued qualifications in order to get a medical marijuana card for patients who need it for medical purposes. Step by step procedures must be done. Below are the requirements needed to get a registry identification card:

1. First step is to provide a valid identification card that will show that you are an Oregon resident.

2. Chose a primary caregiver, since they need to be registered too. The primary caregiver will be the responsible for the patient’s health conditions, obtaining medicine & more.(Photocopy of care giver's identification is also required)

3. Chose a marijuana grower, you will need to register your grower & grow location with Oregon DHS. (Photocopy of grower's identification is also required)

4. You also need a written doctor's referral that states the recommendation of marijuana use for pain treatment. The doctor must be licensed to practice medicine in Oregon.

5. A form from the Oregon medical marijuana program must be filled up and signed.

6. If the patient is below 18 years of age, the parents or guardians will be the ones to process the patient’s registration for medical marijuana use.

7. Pay the fee for registering. Then mail all the forms and requirements to:

PO BOX 14450
Portland, OR 97293-0450

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