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Gresham, Oregon Medical Cannabis Doctors

MAMA and OMMP in Gresham The Mothers against Misuse and Abuse or MAMA is a clinic that is affiliated with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. Here, they provide an atmosphere that is professional but comfortable where people can learn about Cannabis as a medicine, how to reduce harm, as well as the program itself. They have a well-informed staff that has all the knowledge needed to be able to provide help to those diagnosed and suffering from medical conditions that are qualified to the medical use of marijuana but are worried about going through the difficulty of the registration process with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program or OMMP. MAMA is headquartered in Oregon where the OMMP allows patients who are registered to make use of marijuana for different medical conditions such as severe nausea, chronic or acute pain, as well as persistent muscle spasms. The program (OMMP) does not get any financial support from anyone but the fees being paid by their patients as well as the voluntary support of Oregonians. Patients are allowed to grow their own medical marijuana, or if they prefer, someone else can grow it for them. They are also provided with the privilege to hire a primary caregiver, who should be over 18 years old, to help and assist them with their supply of medical marijuana. Ever since 1998, MAMA has been dedicated to their involvement with the medical marijuana program. They are well known for their award-winning approach with regards to educating patients about drugs and by providing excellent clinical experience. In the year 2010, MAMA transformed their clinical processes into a paperless process to reduce overall waste and to make it easier for patients to accomplish what needs to be processed. All medical documents and information of each patient is strictly managed by MAMA according to the privacy and security guidelines set by HIPAA. At the MAMA clinic, patients are assisted in getting all the required medical records and information. Part of the process is that patients get to meet a doctor where their medical records are reviewed and a physical examination takes place. Depending on the results of the doctor’s review of the patient’s medical records, the doctor would then decide if medical marijuana would be able to help with the patient’s medical condition. If the doctor allows the use of this drug, he or she would duly sign the Attending Physician Statement as well as other documents or forms needed with regards to registering with OMMP. MAMA’s assistance does not stop there. In fact, they will also provide help and assistance with regards to the registration process while making patients understand the OMMP especially on topics such as the law on medical marijuana, the harm reduction with regards to its use, alternative methods to take it, and its effects when mixed with other types of medication. For previous patients of MAMA, all they have to do is send their current medical records to 1-866-559-3369 so that it can be reviewed immediately. These records need to have all necessary patient information like the name, date of the patient’s birth, as well as contact information where MAMA can contact you about inquiries or when scheduling appointments. It is important for patients to remember to indicate that they are returning patients. Upon submission of medical records, patients are advised to wait around 5 to 7 days for a MAMA staff to contact them or they may call 541-298-4202 extension 314 if it has already been past the waiting period. The Law on Medical Marijuana in Gresham The law allowing the legal use of medical marijuana does not only cover residents of Oregon. Now, people from other states may register in Oregon as long as they have gone through medical examination with a doctor. There are certain medical conditions that make them qualified for registration such as Alzheimer’s, Cancers, Glaucoma, and HIV/AIDS, as well as those patients treated with Cachexia, severe pain and nausea, seizures like epilepsy, and persistent muscle spasm like multiple sclerosis. There should also be a written statement or form signed by a medical doctor that states that medical marijuana will indeed help with regards to the medical condition that the patient is suffering from according to their medical records. To be able to achieve absolute protection of the law, patients, within the state and those from other states should register with OMMP. With regards to the use of medical marijuana, the OMMP allows registered patients to grow and use it themselves or have a primary caregiver grow it for them. Patients are only allowed a maximum of 24 ounces of dried medical marijuana. Registered patients may share marijuana but they are not allowed to buy it as well as sell it to anyone else, especially those who are not registered. With regards to its production, it is strictly prohibited by the law for patients to have more than 6 mature plants and to have more than 18 seedlings or starts. Mature plants are determined by their height which is 12 inches or more as well as by their bloom. Marijuana is considered to be seedlings or starts if they have not reached 12 inches in height and have no blooms. A caregiver can be assigned by the patient to grow medical marijuana for them if they are not able to do it themselves. The caregiver should be more than 18 years old and should also adhere with the rules applied on the patient with regards to growing them. It is also important for the patient and their designated caregiver to submit a Change Request Form whenever changes are made with regards to moving the marijuana plants to a new site or changing caregivers. The grow site and the grower’s name should be specified by the patient upon registration. The grower or caregiver must agree to a background check. With regards to patients who are under 18 years old, it is necessary to get the consent of their parents or legal guardian to enter the OMMP. Registering them to the program will make them bearers of identification cards that they can present to law enforcement officers. These cards are issued to patients, caregivers, and to the growers, if they have one. The caregiver and grower are required to return the identification cards to the patient, which will then be returned to the OMMP, if the use and the growing of medical marijuana have already been stopped. Medical Marijuana Groups The Oregon Medical Marijuana Growers and Patients Association is a group of growers and patients not only in Portland but the whole of Oregon including Gresham. In this group, patients and growers from all over Oregon share news and updates with each other through their website and through meet-ups as well. This is a non-profit organization that provides support through tools and each member’s knowledge with regards to the growing and usage of medical marijuana. They also cover the legal matters that surround the cultivation as well as the consumption of this drug so as to keep patients, growers, and caregivers informed. The group is highly neutral when it comes to dealing with their members. They are, however, strict about providing documents with regards to medical marijuana such as a medical statement from the patient’s doctor as well as from the OMMP that makes them permitted to possess medical marijuana. The group OMMGPA also has their own growers who can assist patients without growers by providing them with organic medical marijuana at the same costs of buying them from other growers. Patients get to have a say with regards to the strain and quality of the medical marijuana being provided to them. These can be coordinated to the growers within the organization. If patients do agree to be provisioned with medical marijuana, the delivery will usually take place on the third month after the patient became a member of the group. Then the delivery will take place monthly or depending on the rate that you and the grower will agree upon. However, it is important for members to understand that during meet ups, patients are not to smoke or use medical marijuana. Dealing is also not allowed since the drug is to be delivered to the patient privately. Members are also not required to bring their registered identification cards issued by the OMMP during meet ups. There is no membership fee whatsoever upon joining this group. The group also has events aside from meet ups such as the medical cannabis grow class which usually takes place on the 2nd Saturday of each month. In this event, you get to learn how to grow medical marijuana based on the guidelines of the medical marijuana law. The class covers lessons such as growing it, cloning, harvesting, how to turn it into medicine, and how to use it to cure qualified medical conditions. This can be attended by patients and their growers. The class would charge a minimal fee of $25 for OMMP cardholders and $20 for OGF/NGF members.
Gresham is a city located east of Portland and has a population of 105,594 in the recent 2010 national census. This is the 4th largest city in the state of Oregon. It has a total land area of 22.2 square miles and with the Fairview Creek and Johnson Creek comprising its .40% water composition.

Gresham is known as the “City of Music”, mainly because it hosts the annual Mt. Hood Jazz Festival every summer in celebration of the musical inclination of local people. You can enjoy Northwestern cuisine in this area because they serve some of America’s best tasting dishes and preparations. Similar to any other Oregon cities, Gresham has been one of the top outdoor destinations for the hikers, trailers, bikers and climbers intending to display their agility while enjoying Mother Nature.

Among the area attractions near Gresham is the Willamette Falls offering geological artifacts, historical venues and industrial zones. The Grotto on the other hand is a central attraction carved on the cliff wall and where the Pieta is featured for tourists to lay eyes on.

Education in Gresham is delivered by three school districts namely Centennial, Gresham –Barlow and Reynolds, whereas higher education is served by Mount Hood Community College. Economy in the Gresham area is given the highest priority by the city council. Business retention and expansion programs are widely available to make the business life reach its peak and exceed city expectations. As an industrial zone, one of the many products manufactured in the area are check readers and credit card machines that are widely availed and used in most major establishments all across America.

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