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grants pass marijuana cardsGrants Pass Oregon Medical Marijuana Clinics

Grants Pass Oregon Medical Cannabis Doctors

Grants Pass Oregon Medical Marijuana Medical Marijuana Clinic Opens in Grants Pass, Oregon

Oregon’s Foundation for Hemp and Cannabis had a steady and permanent clinic for medical marijuana opened in the city of Grants Pass. The clinic is currently located at 558 NE F Street, No 1 Colonial Plaza and this is actually the very first clinic for medical marijuana in the state of Oregon particularly outside Portland.

The establishment of medical marijuana clinics in Oregon particularly in Grants Pass was made possible by a retired doctor, and a heart surgeon at that. The doctor was Dr. Thomas Orvals. According to this doctor, he has been travelling to this city constantly so that he may be able to see and visit the patients who were, during those times situated in hired accommodations. The doctor was said to be visiting these patients in facilities which are rented at least three times a month and this was really an ordeal and sacrifice for the retired doctor.

Soon Dr. Orvals met the regional director of the foundation, Henrik Rode, and they worked together in the establishment of small satellite clinics. The two have also put their heads together in coming up with a platform to build permanent medical marijuana clinics all across America. These two people never failed; they actually succeeded.

Mission of the Hemp and Marijuana Foundation

The Hemp and Marijuana Foundation has a specific mission to impart to the people, particularly to the patients living in Grants Pass, Oregon. This mission particularly embodies a specific purpose of helping patients to get in the right way on how they will be able to secure a permit from the state government for their marijuana. This permit is basically something that will allow them to grow and cultivate marijuana for medical purposes.

It was emphasized here that anyone who would avail permission from the government should see to it that they have undergone medical checkups and assessments. If in case they are through with the medical checkup and they were assessed as someone who has a qualifying medical condition then they will have the opportunity to cultivate and propagate medical cannabis. They have to make sure that these marijuana plants should only be utilized as treatment for their existing health problems or conditions.

There is also another mission or goal that the Hemp and Cannabis Foundation wants to extend to the people of Oregon, particularly in Grants Pass. The Foundation’s goal is to give information about the marijuana plant. The education mainly points out the social, medicinal, and industrial purposes of cannabis as essential ways to upgrade and increase the cultivation of hemp.

According to Rode, the use of medical marijuana is simply beneficial to anyone who may use it to treat certain conditions he is currently suffering from. Medical cannabis or marijuana actually has the power and ability to treat an extensive assortment of health conditions and symptoms. Some of these would include different types of cancer, nausea that is caused by AIDS or cancer, chronic pains that are usually caused by certain medical problems, or pains usually caused by certain types of accidents.

According to Rode, the Hemp and Cannabis Foundation has already established and currently runs many permanent medical marijuana clinics in many different parts of the country like in Bellevue, Washington, Riverside, California, Denver, Colorado, and Detroit. The foundation is also expecting to establish newer permanent medical marijuana clinics in Eugene, Washington, Spokane, and Bend in the coming months. In addition to the itineraries of the foundation, it also currently holds a traveling clinic which can be seen in Brookings every several months.

Clinics and Dispensaries of Medical Marijuana in Grants Pass, Oregon

The enforcement of the state has announced that the federal authorities will no longer have to raid any dispensaries and clinics which are licensed by the state to carry, cultivate, or possess marijuana which is specifically used for medical purposes. This is especially true for anyone who is in strict compliance with the federal and state laws imposed on the medical and safe use, and safe access to medical marijuana.

However, it is mainly understood to these days, that the federal law still identifies marijuana as something unlawful, particularly the use, sale, and possession of it. So this simply means that whether marijuana is prescribed or not, this is still subjected to an unlawful act and will certainly carry specific criminal penalties.

Federal Law of 2009: the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Policy in Grants Pass, Oregon

In case you are not yet aware, you have to know by now that the United States government comes with a nod and a wink about the use of, sale, and possession of medical marijuana to the people of the US particularly in Grants Pass, Oregon.

President Obama’s administration has become consistent with their campaign regarding the federal enforcers and officials including the Department of Justice to stand down; this stand down neither initiates the act of not arresting any medical marijuana patient nor prosecutes them. Suppliers should not also be arrested as long as the patient and the suppliers themselves are in a perfect and clear compliance with the state’s medical cannabis existing laws.

But people who may have been subjected from the arrest exclusion should not consider their exclusion as a way to alter the existing federal law. For everyone’s information, marijuana is still considered by the federal law as a schedule-one type of drug or substance and when we say schedule one type, we are actually referring to those drugs that are classified as addictive and usually come with less medicinal benefits. On account of the federal law’s stand on marijuana, it is not surprising to note that many doctors have been very reluctant in recommending and prescribing medical marijuana to their patients. However, the states tell us a different story today.

The truth is that there were a total of fourteen states in America which have gathered together and come up with a common law. The law was made by the fourteen participating US states in October 2009 and it says that the use of medical marijuana should be legalized within the state. These states also give safe sale and access of these plants to any patient who is qualified and well-documented.

As a matter of fact, many doctors and physicians have been recommending medical marijuana for years and these doctors believe that medical marijuana is something effective in treating certain health problems and other medical conditions. Some of the most common illnesses and conditions which can be treated by medical marijuana are some types of cancer, nausea that is usually caused by cancer or AIDS, chronic pains that are associated to certain types of health or medical conditions and accidents, glaucoma, seizures, leukemia, migraines, anorexia, arthritis, and many others.

The use of medical marijuana might have surprised many people who are not yet aware of the legalization of this plant simply because many people would perceive this plant as something detrimental or bad to a person. The truth is that over 27 types of pharmaceutical drugs that contain an active ingredient that come from marijuana known as THC have been formulated and developed by some of the popular pharmaceutical companies in the world. These companies were Squibb and Eli Lilly and they have proven that they have succeeded with the incorporation of THC in their pharmaceutical drugs.

However, the Marijuana Tax Act has been imposed by the federal government in 1937 and this act has stated that medical marijuana is not a lawful way to treat one’s health condition. After this act was made known, medical marijuana has become illegal ever since.

Grants Pass Criminal Lawyers for Medical Marijuana

If in case you or someone you know was charged with a medical marijuana offense, you should not worry much because having to undergo such offenses will bring in good benefits on your part. Having to get yourself involved in a medical marijuana offense will give you the opportunity to get the legal evaluation you want. Given that you were evaluated legally then this will turn out to be a proof that will make you a legal user of medical marijuana. Here, you will be legally evaluated by a well-experienced legal lawyer or attorney.

You have to take note that when you are assessed and evaluated by an experienced lawyer, you will surely come up with objective and unbiased opinion regarding the case that involves you. This can be very helpful in identifying the different types of defense techniques and strategies that might prove to be very useful to the different facts and circumstances of your case.

As of today, Medical Marijuana is already a legal thing in Grants Pass, Oregon and is now one of the highly recommended treatments for certain health conditions like glaucoma, HIV, AIDS, Leukemia, Cancer, and as a pain killer. The fact that medical marijuana has been legalized in this part of Oregon is simply an indication that this kind of treatment has become an accepted treatment.

Grants Pass is a city located less than four hours south of Portland and is the seat of Josephine County. It may be the county’s largest community to date. The city serves a population of 34,533. The Hispanic race population in Grants Pass is significantly higher compared to Oregon’s average.

Oregon’s legendary Rogue River is found in Grants Pass. With the loss of timber industry in the county, Grants Pass resorted to tourism to boost its economic state. Grants Pass is famous for its whitewater thrills, fly fishing, and forest trails. Grower’s markets are common during summer nights in Riverside Park. Beautiful sunsets in Grants Pass have also been a way to keep tourists coming back.

Recycling has also been organized in the city and includes curbside recycling, burn windows, appliances and scrap metal recycling, and yard waste collection events. Hospital and Ambulance Services include Three Rivers Community Hospital and American Medical Response Ambulance Service. Two airports, the Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport and Grants Pass Airport serve the city along with the Interstate 5 Road.

The Grants Pass School District and the Three Rivers School District provide an array of public schools in the Grants Pass area including Grants Pass High School and Illinois Valley High School. Rogue Community College and Phagans Grants Pass College of Beauty offer post-secondary education. Josephine Community Libraries, Inc., a non-governmental, non-profit organization, operates the library in Grants Pass and has four branches.

Causes of natural disasters in Grants Pass include floods, storms, fires, heavy rain, and landslide.

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