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Eugene Oregon Medical Marijuana

There is an existing law that is being imposed in Eugene, Oregon and this is the illegal use of medical marijuana. Eugene, Oregon comes with a specific law that punishes people from using marijuana illegally. Such laws are usually imposed to the smoking tolerance of a person.

As for the legislation, anyone who is caught to possess less than an ounce of marijuana will only have to settle for a misdemeanor case which is only punishable by a specific fine of five hundred to one thousand US dollars.

Still for the case of the possession of marijuana, a person may be subjected to a conditional discharge. This simply means that the person who is prosecuted may take stand to opt for a particular probation instead of a trial. This will only work on his preliminary or very first persecution. Take note that this conditional discharge is only possible for those who are found guilty of possessing marijuana.

On the other hand, anyone who is caught with more than one ounce of marijuana will be subjected to imprisonment. In most cases, a person caught with more than one ounce of marijuana in his possession gets a ten years imprisonment sentence.

In fact, recreational smokers are actually decriminalized because users and certain dealers that come with small amounts such as one ounce or less are considered by the law enforcers as less priority.

However, marijuana has been declared as a legal type of medication in the state of Oregon given that the person will have to use it for medical purposes. The person who may also avail of marijuana as a form of treatment or medication should also get a permission from the state government the moment he has presented his proof of medical assessment signed and issued by a professional medical doctor. These documents and health evaluations are somewhat difficult to obtain and there is no way you can counterfeit them.

Some reliable sources also stated that without any further felony conviction, if a person is caught and convicted with possession of less than announce of marijuana, the judge who is currently handling his case should give a sentence that imposes the person to undergo probation given that he should also undergo mandatory drug rehabilitation or treatment. If in case there is no existing rehabilitation or treatment center within the place of jurisdiction then the judge should provide the person with a waiver that will recommend him to stay in a treatment center nearest to the jurisdiction. The judge who is currently handling his case should or may also waive all the fines incurred.

There are actually many different types of laws being imposed by Eugene, Oregon to all its dwellers and these people should take time to learn these laws so that they may not fall ignorant. Educating themselves with these rules and laws governed in their state should be well observed and understood so that every person within that place will be able to comply with all these rules enforced by their state. This will truly come up with citizens being able to comply with the different rules which are accounted to the use, possession, or sale of marijuana within the state particularly in Eugene, Oregon.

According to some reporters who are currently based in Eugene, Oregon, the local police have a lot more important things to do than to look for hippies and stoners scattering in the streets on a Friday night. As a matter of fact, many marijuana related arrest cases have been documented within the place each year and this is an indication that many of the residents in Eugene, Oregon are not yet aware of the different facts and figures they should know so as to avoid arrests.

The truth is that many police in Eugene are simply not pot-friendly and they simply hate people using marijuana without any good purpose. However, it has been reported that Saturday is actually the day of the week that comes out with less to cases of marijuana related arrests as people are only found cigarette smoking in the square.

Eugene, Oregon is simply a place that comes with dealers and distributors of marijuana either for what purposes the buyer should use them. So if you visit Oregon and want to know where to buy marijuana that is usually sold openly then you have to go to Eugene and there you will find sellers of marijuana in open air events. As long as you know who you should look for then it will be easier for you to get marijuana for your purpose. The truth is that you can get stuff that usually resembles a weed while others will offer you sensemilla which is considered to be something mind-blowing.

There is also another interesting report that entails the question on where you can get marijuana in Eugene. According to some sources, marijuana can also be purchased in the streets and they are usually offered to you by strangers. But you will soon discover that these types of marijuana you have purchased come with low quality and are usually light in weight.

Some reporters have mentioned that it will be very difficult to identify cigarette smokers from marijuana smokers because of the fact that both may go outside and smoke freely in the streets and other public places as if nothing is abnormal with what they are doing. Other parts of town come with less police patrol officers so people may just simply go to the river, in the mountains or any other places that can never be suspected by the police to be a good place for pot sessions.

So much information about marijuana in Eugene, Oregon; this time, you have to learn the ways on how you can be qualified as a legal medical marijuana user in Eugene.

Eugene comes with a great deal of licensed doctors who specialize in marijuana medicine. These doctors will be the ones who will conduct the assessment on you and at the end you will receive the assessment stating whether or not you are qualified to make use of the medical marijuana to treat your health condition.

Eugene also comes with medical marijuana clinics wherein the assessments are conducted. After you have got your assessment then you will be able to get a card that entitles you to buy medical marijuana at a certified dispensary.

If you are interested to get the card that will qualify you to make use of medical marijuana the legal way then this is going to be your best opportunity to talk to any of the personnel of the medical marijuana clinics situated within Eugene. You may want to talk to their personnel or staff at 1-888-694-2063 or you may want to simply fax them at 714-866-4185 . If you can’t reach them through phone then you may just email them.

Here are some of the requirements you need to have if you are planning to be a medical marijuana card holder in Eugene, Oregon:

- You must be a full-fledged resident of Eugene, Oregon and you should be a holder of a valid resident ID; a voter’s registration card will also qualify you.

- You have to have copies of your medical documents wherein these documents should contain your medical records indicating the diagnosis of your qualifying condition.

- You have to bring all the medical documents and prescription medicines along with you the moment you proceed to your medical marijuana assessment appointment.

- You have to present a written certification from a medical doctor; take note that the certification should also be signed by the doctor who issued it; make sure that the doctor is a licensed physician in the state of Oregon.

- You have to register and get registry ID card which also known as the medical marijuana or medical cannabis card. This card is usually obtained from the Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) Program of Oregon.

In case you are not aware, here is the list of the different types of health and medical conditions that will allow or qualify you to become a recipient of the medical marijuana program imposed within your state.

Glaucoma, Cancer, AIDS/HIV or any kind of medical condition that produces any of the following:


Severe or extreme pain

Severe nausea


Seizures caused by epilepsy

Persistent spasm of the muscle

Multiple sclerosis

Agitation that is caused by Alzheimer’s disease

There are actually many medical marijuana clinics that are situated within Eugene, Oregon and if you think you are qualified to be medical marijuana program recipient because you have existing health conditions at present then you should not waste your time. Find a way to reach these clinics so that you will be able to obtain proper assessment and evaluation coming from the medical marijuana programs qualified doctors. You may want to visit Eugene medical marijuana locations to be able to avail the lowest evaluation rates and fees within the state.

Eugene is the second largest city in Oregon. It is on the Willamette River and rests in a timber-rich area at the head of Willamette Valley. As of 2010, Eugene is home to 156,185 people.

A shopping mall in downtown Eugene runs more than 17 blocks. Eugene is the home of the University of Oregon, Lane Community College, and Northwest Christian College. Eugene’s major industries include lumber processing and wood product manufacturing. Other businesses include food processing, metal production, the manufacture of machinery, and tourism.

Eugene is the trading center for upper Willamette Valley, noted for its agriculture and timber. The city produces food products, lumber, and lumber products. It has also become an adventure destination for both residents and tourists with its offer of scenic hiking trails, ski resorts, waterfalls, and hot springs. Most frequented ski resorts include Mount Bachelor and Hoodoo ski resorts. Over 20 private art galleries and organizations such as the Eugene Glass of School compose Eugene’s visual arts community. Eugene has also been the first home of the Nike Company. Five Interstate highways and the Eugene Airport and other several private airports serve the city.

Eugene developed from a village named for Eugene Skinner, a pioneer who settled in the area in 1846. The city was founded in 1853. It became an incorporated city in 1862. After the Oregon and California Railroad was built in 1871, Eugene grew rapidly. It is the county seat of Lane County and has a council-manager form of government.

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