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Corvallis Medical Marijuana doctorsCorvallis Oregon Medical Marijuana Program

Corvallis, Oregon

Medical cannabis rules in Corvallis, Oregon

Over the past years pharmaceutical companies have already spent a lot of money trying to create a non-addictive pain medication without severe side effects. Pain is one sole reason why many people seek for medical attention. There are a lot of body pains in every individual. Pain indicates that the human body is in danger. It comes in different intensities and experienced in different ways in various occasions. Most of the time, over-the-counter pain relievers do not relieve pain at all and they also have certain side effects and health risks. For these reasons, marijuana was considered as an alternative. It was found that marijuana possesses a variety of medicinal properties that can no longer be ignored by the medical community. Medical marijuana is the only alternative to heavy narcotics like morphine in order to be relieved from pain. Medical marijuana has been used to help terminally ill cancer patients in reducing acute and chronic pains. However, medical marijuana when smoked has an effect that can last for only about three hours. It means that those with acute or chronic pains must smoke ten or more times in a day to be pain free. Not all types of pain can be relieved by medical marijuana. Medical marijuana has very low chances of reducing somatic pain. However, for the case of visceral and neuropathic pain, medical marijuana has been considered safe with few side effects, highly effective and widely used. Somatic pains are gained from physical trauma like scrapes, burns and cuts. Visceral pain is felt when the internal organs are damaged by disease. Neuropathic pain comes from injuries related to the nervous system like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Oregon was the first US state to legalize the possession of small amounts of cannabis and among the first to authorize its use for medical purposes. Oregon is the largest cannabis producing state. The Oregon Medical Marijuana Act was established by ballot measure in November 1998. It modified state law allowing cultivation, possession and use of marijuana by prescription patients having certain medical conditions. States where medical marijuana usage is legal have suddenly experienced a sudden surge in new business windows for the opening of marijuana dispensaries and clinics. They provide safe access and sale of marijuana to patients with valid marijuana ID card and written recommendations from licensed physicians.

These marijuana dispensaries are in full compliance with local and state regulations. There are certain dispensaries that are now offering delivery services, making the buying and selling of medical marijuana more convenient. Other dispensaries have keen marketing strategies by using coupons, newspaper and magazines to attract new customers. Some also give free grams of marijuana to first time buyers and users along with the medical dispensaries. There are also a number of online directories where you can see recommended physicians and clear prescriptions for patients.

In Corvallis Oregon, medical marijuana was considered for the treatment of glaucoma. Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness. Research revealed that marijuana has active ingredients that can reduce intraocular pressure inside the eye and also the pain caused by the condition. Most marijuana taken for glaucoma are consumed through smoking. There are risks associated with inhaling smoke. Upon obtaining a medical marijuana card and doctor’s recommendation to use it, patients may already visit a local medical marijuana dispensary or clinic.

Medical marijuana is also said to cure migraines too. People who suffer from terrible headaches can be relieved by using medical marijuana. Cannabis can also ease post-traumatic stress according to research. This problem can cause other health related problems such as insomnia, irritability and the inability to concentrate on certain activities due to the deprivation of sleep. As a substitute for alcohol, evening oral cannabis can be used. The proper dosage of this drug will produce the proper length and quality of sleep without any negative side effect such as hangover or dullness.

There are certain requirements in obtaining a medical marijuana card in Oregon. You must have a debilitating condition such as cancer, glaucoma, Alzheimer’s disease, HIV or aids or any medical conditions with symptoms such as weight loss severe pain, severe nausea, seizures, persistent muscle spasms etc. Next is you have to obtain a recommendation from a qualified MD or DO. Not all doctors are willing to recommend medical cannabis. There are lots of medical marijuana clinics in Corvallis, Oregon that can assist you with having a recommendation for qualified physicians. After this step, you have to be registered in the state and pay a certain fee.

While waiting for your pending application, you will receive temporary papers first in order to legally purchase marijuana. However, there are certain legal issues regarding cannabis intake in the state. Police officers may still cite you for smoking in public. To avoid complications, you should smoke in the privacy of your own home. This law does not also protect you from job applications. When tested positive for the drug intake, you can still be terminated from work. When you are also renting a place and the neighbours don’t approve of that, you can be evicted from the vicinity. Even drivers under the influence of marijuana are included in the restrictions of the drug intake.

In growing marijuana for personal use, it must be in full compliance with the law. Experts believe that marijuana is on the path to full recognition. You must also consider the risks brought about by the intake. Medical marijuana can cause side effects and a possibility of drug abuse. Prolonged use can result to respiratory diseases due to the heavy intake of smoke into the lungs. It can also cause loss of short-term memory, drowsiness and disorientation.

Researchers stated that THC acts on certain areas of the brain. Pleasure, memory, thoughts, concentration, sensory and time perception are prepared already. Continued usage of marijuana of course can lead to addiction and physical withdrawal symptoms.

The Pullman city council discussed about medical marijuana and the possible approval of the so-called “community gardens”. The law allows up to 10 patients to work together and raise “community gardens” so that they can supply themselves with medical marijuana. A maximum of 45 marijuana plants is the limit in each garden. This is being done in order to avoid overproduction of the medical marijuana.

It is the member’s own free will to choose on how to administer the drug in their systems. The law authorizes cities and counties in adopting zoning regulations, business licensing requirements, taxes and health and safety regulations for these dispensaries.

Even if patients have debilitating or terminal medical conditions, they will not be excused once proven that they have abused the drug. The law offers legal protection in state court but doesn’t save patients from potential arrest. There are certain associations that can help medical marijuana users. They are available to help you find answers to all your questions. The Oregon Medical Marijuana Growers and Patients Association assists members in understanding better about the Oregon medical marijuana program. They can help the members to have the program work well for them. Medical marijuana doctors also help patients regarding pain management and drug intake.

The debate goes on regarding marijuana addiction. Opposing sectors believe that marijuana is both psychologically and physically addicting. They claim that long-term use of marijuana can cause severe irritability, sleeplessness, decreased appetite and anxiety. Those who grow and supply marijuana illegally and not used for medical purposes are subjected to intense law enforcement scrutiny. It is better to follow what the doctor says rather than committing a crime punishable by law.

The medical benefit of marijuana is not a new phenomenon. Way back in 1937, there were already medicines that contain THC, the active ingredient of marijuana. As of now medical marijuana is likely to open the doors to reconsider its position and reclassify marijuana to be in line with current medical research. Without marijuana dispensaries in Oregon many go to the black market even if they don’t want to because they have no other choice. It is legal to use medical marijuana in private, so there are successful private clubs in Oregon that have been operating smoothly with minimal disruptions.

Now that medical marijuana is already widely accepted to help ease some medical conditions, cannabis should not be abused.

Medical marijuana should substitute mainstream antidepressants, muscle relaxants, sedatives and other related drugs to avoid high grade health risks and severe side effects. One of the largest medical associations in the United States has classified marijuana as a schedule two drug just like cocaine, heroin and LSD. The schedule two drugs are considered to be highly addicting and lacking medical worth. So when a certain medical expert prescribes you with medical marijuana, follow the dosage allotted for your age bracket in order to have the healing effect you want to have. Drug overdose can lead to destruction of the human body. It is believed that too much of something is not good, so stay within the limit. The dosage set by the prescribing physician must always be followed. Addiction to cannabis cannot heal you, it will only destroy you.

Corvallis is situated right at the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, famous destinations for ski lovers and coastal appraisers. It houses almost 60,000 individuals and is notable for being the home of the Oregon State University.

Corvallis has been included in the Top 10 places to live in the United States, awarded to be one of the best college towns in the country and listed to possess the greatest number of Peace Corp volunteers in the registry. The City’s synergy resulted to its recognition as outstanding for having exceeded the standards established in maintaining a clean and green environment.

Aside from the excellent ski destinations, running, hiking and biking are among the top activities that young adults and health buffs usually indulge in. There are bike lanes on most streets and similar bike routes are accorded along the Willamette and Mary Rivers. Trails intended for hikers have been outlined in Avery Park and OSU’s Peavey Arboretum. Recreational outdoor activities including camping, picnic, hunting, fishing and trailing are just among the common activities you can take on with your family in and around the Siuslaw National Forest that is closely situated to Corvallis.

Corvallis is also notable as a home city for the arts, science and technology. In July, among the festivities to look forward to is the city’s celebration of the Da Vinci Days, a three-day comprehensive festival highlighting arts, science and innovative technology. The wild crown participates in kinetic sculpture races and others indulge in musical plays, while children can enjoy roaming around the children’s village.

Corvallis is an ideal location for both students and travelers who enjoy countryside activities.

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