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Coos Bay Oregon

Coos Bay Oregon Medical Marijuana

Clinics and Dispensaries for Medical Marijuana in Coos Bay Oregon

The federal law has declared a certain policy that authorities will no longer raid states that are licensed to make use of medical marijuana particularly in clinics and dispensaries. However, these clinics and dispensaries should make sure that they are under certain compliance with their state laws that speak of the medical purposes, usage, and the safe access to marijuana.

However, it is emphasized here that the possession, use, or sale of marijuana is not yet a legal thing to the current federal law. So whether medical marijuana is prescribed or unprescribed, it is still an unlawful thing that comes with a corresponding penalty.

US President Obama has made a stand commanding federal authorities including the Department of Justice not to arrest any patient who is currently making use of medical marijuana or any of his suppliers. These people should not be arrested by the federal officials and authorities as long as they are in perfect compliance with their state’s laws on medical marijuana.

However, everyone should note that this does not specifically alter an existing federal law which is still in effect of classifying marijuana as a schedule-one type of controlled substance. On account of the federal law definition, schedule-one type of substance or drugs are considered as something to be less of medical benefit or value and that they can be very addictive to a person. The previous government has had a different stand about medical marijuana so this will make anyone understand why many health specialists and doctors were so reluctant in recommending medical marijuana to their patients. However, the states now come with a different story.

Since the year 2009, about fourteen states have put their heads together in the legalization of medical marijuana in their respective territories. These states included Colorado, Oregon, Hawaii, Michigan, Maine, Maryland, California, Alaska, Maine, Vermont, New Mexico, Nevada, Montana, Rhode Island, and Washington. Since the time medical marijuana has been legalized in these states, they have also provided sale and safe access to medical cannabis for any qualified patient who is well-documented.

As a matter of fact, many physicians have already been in the practice of recommending medical marijuana to their patients particularly those who are suffering from chronic pains, anorexia, arthritis, leukemia, migraine, seizures, glaucoma, nausea, and some other types of cancer. Medical cannabis has been recommended to treat such cases.

Medical Marijuana: Is this a New Thing?

The medicinal use of marijuana may somewhat surprise many people particularly those who perceive this plant as something bad. They would also think of this: is marijuana a new type of medicine or simply one of the new novel phenomena of the state or country?

If we are going to trace the medicinal history, it can be observed that THC is actually present in about 27 types of prescribed medicines in 1937; THC is a natural and active component of the marijuana plant. As a matter of fact, many pharmaceutical companies from all over the world (Squibb and ELI Lilly) had actually developed many types of medicines that come with this particular type of active ingredient that can be found in marijuana and these companies had proven the world that they really made it to succeed. But when the Marijuana Tax Act was initiated in 1937, the federal government had started to strictly prohibit marijuana to be used in lawful medications. Since then, marijuana has turned out to be something unlawful, illegal, and an illicit thing.

For those people who cultivate marijuana for purposes other than medical, they should not see the new marijuana drug policy as something that will give them a go signal to grow, sell, and distribute cannabis with impunity. On the other side of it, the suppliers and growers of non-medical marijuana have become one of the intense subjects of the law enforcers. As a matter of fact, many of these people are subject to harsh penalties once they are caught and proven to be illegal handlers of marijuana. Say for example, anyone who is caught cultivating a hundred marijuana plants or so shall be subjected to five years of imprisonment and this is going to be a mandatory law which is usually imposed in all of the states of America. To a higher degree of penalty, drug dealing is still considered as another illegal thing.

These days, state courts are already complying or conforming to the state’s medical marijuana law, policy, and directives. On the day the medical marijuana law or policy has been announced, the superior court of Los Angeles has announced that the enforcement action delivered by the state to rule the shutdown of clinics and dispensaries in California was an act of illegality.

The following are some of the essential things which are currently employed in Coos Bay Oregon on account of the use of medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana for the Treatment of AIDS/HIV

The use of medical marijuana has been reported to be something to provide relief to anyone in the state who is suffering from HIV or AIDS, particularly the nausea and pain induced by the condition itself. The patients who have made use of medical marijuana accounted this kind of treatment as something beneficial for them.

Medical Marijuana for Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a condition of the eye which is caused by a gradual buildup of fluid within its body. The accumulated fluid in the eyes causes pressure and this could make the optic nerve malfunction which can lead to total blindness. According to research studies which have been conducted since the 70s, the marijuana plant contains certain ingredients and healing properties that help decrease pressure within the eye. These ingredients have also been proven to relieve the pain that is caused by the prevailing condition.

Marijuana: Is it Addictive? The debate continues till these days on account of the addicting effects of marijuana. It is made known that this plant has been made as a recreational drug not only in the United States but also in other countries of the world. In fact, in the US alone about 25 million Americans have admitted that they are using marijuana regularly in 2008. Also, 94 million Americans at the age of 14 admitted the use of marijuana once; these things are reported by the US National Survey on Health and Drug use.
Classification of Marijuana Drug: Doctors Urge Change to Coos Bay Oregon

Over 25,000 physicians and doctors who are members of the American Medical Association or AMA have formally declared their stand regarding the use of medical marijuana to Americans who are suffering from different health conditions which are believed to be of benefit when medical marijuana is induced.

Previously, AMA, the largest medical association in the United States, had actually taken the position which was somewhat similar to the stand of the federal government. This was simply an indication that the federal government and the American Medical Association have put their heads together to take a stand on the medical marijuana as a kind of schedule-two drug. A schedule-two drug is something which can be addicting and some of these types include cocaine, LSD and heroine. In fact, schedule-two drugs are considered by the DEA as kinds of drugs that are highly addictive and come with less or no medicinal value.

However, over the past thirty years, there came a mounting pile of evidence that the marijuana plant is something which can no longer be ignored or neglected by anyone in the medical community and industry.

Marijuana and Penalties in Coos Bay Oregon

You might be interested to know what the significant difference of having to possess one ounce of marijuana versus other weight amounts of marijuana is; well this is something really interesting and it is really good to know the right kind of penalty given to anyone who would possess or carry a specific amount of marijuana. According to many types of criminal defense lawyers, they agree that anyone who is caught with more than one ounce of marijuana should be condemned and persecuted. Possession of more than an ounce of marijuana can actually pose some legal actions and consequences that usually depend on the laws imposed by the state on paraphernalia and marijuana.

Medical Marijuana as Pain Reliever

Over the past 50 years, medical and pharmaceutical companies had spent hundreds of billions of dollars in the position to develop certain drugs that contain marijuana ingredients. Included in their position was the inclusion of certain ingredients coming from marijuana that will not cause addicting and bad side effects to the patients who may want to make use of them to treat pain and other health conditions they are currently suffering.

As of today, medical marijuana has been made a legal type of medicine in Coos Bay, Oregon. This is simply an indication that marijuana has been made known by many including the federal and state government to be something essential and beneficial in the treatment of certain types of debilitating health conditions.

Coos Bay is the largest city found on the Oregon Coast with a land area of 10.6 square miles and is home to 15,967 people. It is located at Coos County and has a council-manager form of government.

Major industries in Coos Bay include bee farming, cranberry production, and sheep production. Dairy products including milk and cheese goods are also major sources of income in the city. Other livestock markets center on cattle raising. Commercial fisheries are also common and products are exported to other countries like Japan. The city of Coos Bay also embraces a rich history in shipbuilding and lumber building.

Coos Bay offers recreational activities such as casino, fishing, and golfing. Several agencies host boat, factory, and harvest tours. Tourist attraction spots in Coos Bay include the Shore Acres State Park and the Coos Art Museum. In Charleston, whale watching attracts a spectacular number of tourists. Surrounding areas offer recreational parks like the Seven Devils State Recreation Site, Cape Arago State Park, and Golden and Silver Falls State Park. In July, the nationally acclaimed Oregon Coast Music Festival is held in Coos Bay.

Coos Bay’s educational institutions are dedicated to providing practical and quality education such as the Southwestern Oregon Community College.

Coos Bay was once called Marshfield, after the name of its founder’s hometown J. C. Tolman. In 1944, the residents voted to change its name to Coos Bay. The name is derived from one of the Native American tribes that considered the site their homeland. Coos Bay has two Indian meanings, which are lake and place of pines. Coos Bay has been a commercial passage since its pioneer days.

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