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Oregon Medical Marijuana Program

Bend, Oregon Doctors & Clinics

Bend, Oregon – Medical Marijuana Consumption and Distribution

State Law Changes Marijuana Status
On November 3, 1998, 55% of qualified voters in the state of Oregon voted to ratify the implementation of medical marijuana consumption. A month later, the statutory law was put into effect and implementation started to be effected in local cities and towns in the state. Measure 67 or the law legalizing and regulating the use of medical marijuana abolished fines and penalties on consumption, cultivation and possession of marijuana by known patients, certified by their physicians’ recommendation to use marijuana as an immediate reliever for diagnosed illnesses. The Health Division of the Oregon Department of Human Resources has listed down the following illnesses to be susceptible of pain alleviation if marijuana is taken into the patients system:

• Cancer
• Epilepsy and similar disorders characterized by seizures
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Chronic Pain
• Cachexia • Glaucoma
• Other similar muscular spasticity, nausea
• Other conditions that may be subjected to the program and medical marijuana used are still subject to deliberation and approval by the department.

Regulated under the statute is the allowance for patients and producers to cultivate marijuana for medical consumption. The given alternative is that either the registered patient himself will plant and grow his own marijuana exclusive for approved medical use or if not another person certified and authorized by the state or city will do the manufacturing and delivery of the same to registered patients. The statute is confined to application among registered patients who have enlisted in the Oregon’s state registry or even those enlisted in the national registry of medical marijuana dispensaries operating across the state and maintaining office in major cities and key areas. Each patient is given a registry card showing proof of his inclusion in the database of registered patient eligible to consume medical marijuana to alleviate pain and minimize suffering caused by diagnosed illnesses.

Medical Marijuana Available in Authorized Dispensaries and Clinics
The same law in conformity to health and safety has allowed the establishment of local dispensaries for purposes of convenience and easy access to cannabis and hemp. In the same law, out of state patients seeking refuge in the cities where medical marijuana is delivered are required to register with the state to get access to patient’s registry card before medical marijuana is released in their possession. The same process of prescription and physician’s order must be shown prior to subscription and registry, unless ordered by a certified physician, a patient, although ailing, cannot avail of the program in the absence of proper medical certificate or endorsement.

With the above regulation and permit, cities in the state of Oregon have taken initiatives to put into effect the consumption of medical marijuana under specific circumstances. Since the inception of the regulation, Bend slowly rose from the outskirts to get the city to approve the implementation and consumption of medical marijuana for ailing patients.

In the early years of implementation, patients in the Bend area were contented waiting for an agent from a certified and authorized medical marijuana dispensaries to visit the locale once a week. The reason was that, locals were hesitant to put into effect Measure 67 of the State of Oregon, in light of the growing informal education about drug proliferation and consumption. Even local physicians were hesitant be an agent of this national dispensary. It was quite expensive, since patients were charged with between $ 140-200 a week for purchase of the medical marijuana delivered to by an agent. In later years, Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse started holding 2-day clinics in Bend to deliver and assist ailing residents to get access to patients’ registry cards to become eligible for medical marijuana consumption.

In line with the booming marijuana industry in Oregon, the same advocacy group intended to open a satellite office in Bend to facilitate the registration of qualified patients as well as the delivery of the medical marijuana to registered patients. The onslaught of medical marijuana consumption gave way to the opening of similar Cannabis or hemp clubs in the area. These are collectives maintaining operations for the sole purpose of delivering and exchanging medical marijuana from certified clinics and authorized cultivators with registered patients. The establishment of these medical marijuana clubs and collectives was seen as a deterrent approach to wait for registered patients resort to or buy from unregistered and unauthorized dealers and cultivators. Although medical marijuana dispensaries are widely scattered in the state of Oregon, Bend did not get access to a local dispensary up to this date. The main reason was that the state was trying to limit dispensaries inimical to the interest of the consuming populace. The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation in Portland established its medical marijuana clinic in Bend in order to accommodate the growing number of unregistered patients seeking availment of the OMMP.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are not present in Bend. However, they get access to the same by visitation from agents coming from authorized and certified dispensaries that frequent the locality on a weekly basis. Medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon are registered growers and producers of the medical marijuana. These state regulated dispensaries tasks medical marijuana clinics in cities and towns to obtain lists of qualified patients and seek their registration to be included in the registry of patients allowed to receive medical marijuana.

The initial problem why it took so long for medical marijuana clinics to operate in Bend was for the reason that no local physician would take the credit of being addressed as the medical marijuana doctor. Hence, the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program authorized support centers and authorized dispensaries to allocate medical marijuana doctors in each city for consultation, assessment and endorsement on a weekly basis. Medical marijuana doctors were imported from California in order to give unregistered patients the chance to avail of the program in Bend. The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation for example has allocated medical marijuana doctors in their medical marijuana clinics operating in the state of Oregon. All of these medical marijuana clinics are employed with fully licensed, educated, experienced, and compassionate physicians. Staff members in every medical marijuana clinic are adequately educated and trained to disseminate and inform the populace of the proper use and consumption and indication of the medical marijuana in compliance to the medical marijuana laws implemented in the state and in the specific city or town.

Medical Cannabis Clubs – A Safe Haven for Registered Users
The continued growth of medical marijuana users in Bend paved the way for the establishment of the first Medical Cannabis Club in the area. The Central Oregon Alternative Therapy (COAT) Club is a common ground for registered patients and their caregivers. It is a venue to exchange and use marijuana as a medicine. Oregon medical marijuana laws allow the transfer of cannabis from one registered patient to another, hence the establishment of these clubs are well in keeping with the regulation to make medical marijuana use as responsible and as confined as possible. Dealers of marijuana inside a Cannabis club are called “bud tenders”. They are registered cardholders transferring medical marijuana to other registered patients for a cause or donation and this is not considered selling. After gaining quite a good method of exchange and disbursement, Bend has allowed medical cannabis clubs to make delivery of medical marijuana to registered patients who cannot personally drop by the club station. The advent of COAT in Bend is in keeping with the statutory regulations as embodied and implemented by the OMMP (Oregon Medical Marijuana Program) as per mandate by the medical marijuana laws in effect within the state and in the city. Among the prohibitions that registered patients should observe prior to entry are as follows:

• Registration card or valid OMMP card for both locals and migrant users should be presented.
• Upon exchange, consumption should be done at home or inside the club premises.
• Minors are not allowed.
• Members of COAT are prohibited by a written agreement, to sell or attempt to sell medical cannabis it acquired from COAT through donation and exclusive member exchange.
• Amount in possession should be in keeping with the Oregon medical marijuana laws.

Present State of Marijuana Consumption and Regulation
In recent news, marijuana production has become a major industry in the Oregon state that the federal government is getting wary over the illegal distribution of the medical marijuana to non-registered users. The alarming rate of unregistered growers and distributors in the Oregon are has prompted strict observance of medical marijuana laws by medical marijuana dispensaries, clinics and clubs. Medical marijuana doctors are closely monitored and routinely evaluated and debriefed in order to determine if there has been illegal distribution committed in the state and in the city. There are over 40,000 legal consumers of the medical cannabis and the OMMP has advocated and promoted self-sufficiency among registered members to avoid illegal distribution. Nevertheless, the nonchalance of some registered users to grow and cultivate their own cannabis plant allowed unregistered producers and distributors to market their products whenever availability from the medical marijuana dispensaries and clubs are absent or insufficient to all registered users. Add to it the fact that consumers would settle for a lesser fee for their dosage and consumption compared to the prices offered by the medical marijuana clinics and dispensaries.

Bend is one of Oregon’s top picks for leisure destination. A mountain town usually characterized by remoteness and inaccessibility, Bend is frequented by nature trippers and outdoor sports enthusiasts since the town is ideal for most group bonding activities that require skill, stunt, agility, sharpness and intuition. Trailers and hikers have made Bend a haven for outdoorsy individuals.

Exciting cave adventures or spelunking has been one of the pivotal attractions in the area along with the kayaking and rafting experience that can be coursed through the Deschutes river. Metolius and Crooked Rivers have become famous for fly-fishing for both trout and steelhead. The 500 mile stream stretch is awe-inspiring as it follows the ridges of the mountainsides where cyclists and hikers enjoy the trails and off road riding inside the unadulterated forest. Up the points of mountain peaks and even on lava fields and deserts, long stretches of hiking trails and rock climbing venues inside the Smith Rock State Park made Bend a spiraling haven for climbers and hikers.

Bend has a population of almost 80,000 households in the 2010 census and still has plenty of square miles to accommodate migrant settlers and adventurous travelers. The city possesses the cinder cone beauty of Pilot Butte State Scenic Viewpoint, an extinct volcano within the city limits. Climate in the city is akin to high desert temperature, which makes the area perfect for outdoor adventures all year round. With the growing number of tourists and visitors enslaved by the beauty of Mother Nature enveloped in this mountain city, the tourism industry in the city has been the major contributor to the city’s revenue over the recent years.

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