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Our mission is to make getting your medical marijuana card as simple as possible. Our certified marijuana doctors and medical staff will assist you through the process of obtaining your Oregon Medical Marijuana Card. From qualifications, to record review, and clinic appointments, we provide it all. If you have already been diagnosed with one of the qualifying conditions, please fill out the Oregon Medical Marijuana Card Application.

Certified Medical Marijuana Physicians in Oregon

Step 1. Determine if you are eligible to obtain a Medical Marijuana Card.

Step 2. Our doctor will review your application and schedule a clinic appointment.

Step 3. We will provide you with everything you need to get your card!

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We have a crucial role in the application process to obtain a medical marijuana card in Oregon. Our medical marijuana doctors will certify you for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program by confirming your qualifying condition. To begin, we will help you obtain all your past diagnosing medical records and create your application to apply to the State of Oregon's Department of Health Authority. Once we confirm your eligibility, you will have no problem getting approved by the OMMP.

OR medical marijuana cards

•Accordance with Oregon.gov
OMMP regulations & guidelines

How much does it cost?

The cost to see our physician who will certify you for the program will be $175 cash or $180 for credit card payments. Once we complete your application, you will also need to mail a check to the state of Oregon. This fee is $200 and is reduced to only $60 if you are on food stamps or $50 for Oregon Health Plan. If you are on SSI the filing fee is only $20.

Total Cost: $375
(Clinic visit $175 & OMMP Application $200)

OHP Total Cost: $225
(Clinic visit $175 & OMMP Application $50 w/ OHP Discount)

SNAP Total Cost: $235
(Clinic visit $175 & OMMP Application $60 w/ SNAP Discount)

SSI Total Cost: $195
(Clinic visit $175 & OMMP Application $20 w/ SSI Discount)

OMMP Card Doctors in Oregon

How do I qualify for a medical marijuana card?

To qualify for an Oregon Medical Marijuana Card, you need to have a clear diagnosis of any of the conditions approved to get a medical card.

Oregon law requires:
•You haven been seen by a medical professional within 2 years
•You are actively seeking treatment for your condition.

Any documented and diagnosed condition that causes:
•Severe Pain
•Severe Nausea
•Muscle Spasms

Any of the following conditions:
•Multiple Sclerosis
•Movement Disorders
•Cachexia (wasting syndrome)
•Degenerative Disc Disease


How long does it take to get a medical card?

We are excited to offer same day card services! This means that once you leave our office and mail your application, you will be LEGAL THAT DAY! Just keep copies of your application and certified mail receipt and you’re legal right then and there.While your temporary card protects you, you will need to wait for your permanent card to visit a dispensary!

Medical Marijuana Card Application Process

The state has issued qualifications in order to get a medical marijuana card for patients who need it for medical purposes. Below are the requirements needed to get a registry identification card:

1. First step is to provide a valid identification card that will show that you are an US citizen.

2. Chose a primary caregiver, since they need to be registered too. The primary caregiver will be the responsible for the patient’s health conditions, obtaining medicine & more.(Photocopy of care giver's identification is also required)

3. Chose a marijuana grower, you will need to register your grower & grow location with Oregon DHS. (Photocopy of grower's identification is also required)

4. You also need a written doctor's referral that states the recommendation of marijuana use for pain treatment. The doctor must be licensed to practice medicine in Oregon.

5. A form from the Oregon medical marijuana program must be filled up and signed.

6. If the patient is below 18 years of age, the parents or guardians will be the ones to process the patient’s registration for medical marijuana use.

7. Pay the fee for registering. Then mail all the forms and requirements to your local DHS office.

OMMP Card Application

Oregon Medical Marijuana Card Fees

In order to get your medical marijuana there are 3 mandatory fees you must pay. The first is the cost to get your doctors referral and the second is the state filing fees.

1. Clinic visit $175
2. State filing fees $200
3. Grower registration fee: $50

State filing fee discounts:
∗State filing fees: Persons receiving food stamps $60
∗State filing fees: Persons receiving Oregon Health Plan $50
∗State filing fees: Persons receiving SSI benefits $20

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